Hair Extension Accessories

Upgrade your hair extension game with our extensive collection of hair extension accessories. From connectors to clips, we have everything you need to achieve flawless, voluminous locks. Our Aphrodite I-Tip and U-Tip Pre-Bonded Hair Extension Iron Gun Connector ensures a seamless application, while our American Pride Hair Extensions Colour Ring enables perfect color matching. Need assistance with installation? Our Crochet Hook for Micro Loop / Ring / Bead Hair Extensions is here to help. For those who prefer clip-in extensions, our set of 6 Hair Extension Clips with thread and needle offers convenience and ease. Don't forget to style with our Ikonic Carbon Comb, a hairstylist favorite. With micro ring beads, pliers, and various sizes of threaded and silicone-lined beads, our collection has everything you need for a professional finish. Stand out from the crowd and elevate your hair extension experience with our high-quality accessories.