About Us

Beauty Hair Products started off as a small hairdressers in north London, where husband and wife duo Tony and Christine Kyriacou decided that their supplier of perm rods had started to cost the product at an uncompetitive price. This spurred the two on to contact the manufacturer directly.

To Christine's surprise there was a great saving to be made and even enough room to wholesale them at a competitive price.

Expanded operations

So Tony left the salon in Christine's capable hands and set off to sell perm rods to all the shop-keepers and wholesalers in London.

As the business started to grow, they began diversifying their product range and were soon selling combs and brushes as well as hair rollers.Tony would distribute these from his van as he drove up and down the UK. 

After a few years the business had outgrown the salon and both Tony and Christine soon realised that it was time to expand. They decided to open a retail outlet, soon after they opened their first one, they realised there was a strong demand for their product. They opened several more. In the end it was Tony's brother Peter who was enlisted to manage all of the retail outlets as there were now five retail stores throughout north and west London.

Developing new products

Taking inspiration from the United States, Tony developed the hugely popular Pick Comb, Steam Cap and Mandela Comb technology and was one of the first people to introduce magnetic and velcro rollers into the UK market.

By now it was the mid 90's and competition in the beauty and hair industry had started to become fierce. Hair stores were opening all over the UK and brands were being imported by all the major wholesalers. The time for change had come and it was Beauty Hair's chance to develop new products.

Some of the major success stories from this period include Goldilox Hair Extensions, Aphrodite Electrical Salon tools, American Pride Hair Extensions and APH hair-care. Beauty Hair slowly moved into it's own brand products so that it could maintain its market share by producing high-quality products for the industry it loved.

International operation

Tony and Christine setup a hair extension factory in China where they trained and instructed the workers on how they could process and treat hair so that it could be developed into wearable hair extensions. By this point the business had well and truly gone international. 

Late 90's and disaster struck when Tony's brother Peter passed away from cancer. Peter was the backbone of the retail side of the business, so when he passed away it inevitably suffered and was eventually sold off.

This gave the business a chance to focus more on own brand development, product range and manufacturing.

The business today

Today Beauty Hair develops, manufactures and distributes products with the help of industry leading partners like Sally Salon Services, Capital Hair & Beauty, Pak Cosmetics, Hair and Beauty World and many more.

Our online store is here for our customers who prefer to buy directly from us and enjoy a high level of customer service.