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5 Fabulous gel polish trends

5 Fabulous gel polish trends

Every woman loves a manicure and to look and feel her absolute best. Today gel polish is more popular than ever before, with so many colours and fun finishes to choose from. As our Chroma gel polish range is odour free, quick drying, and incredibly long lasting, you get durability as well as the very latest look. Below we share five fabulous gel polish trends for you to explore.

1. The shine of metallic Nails are now embracing all things that shimmer and shine, from gold metallic, right through to glittery burgundy hues. Metallic sheens of any colour will look fantastic, day or night, and you can easily achieve this look with our Chroma Dust range of colours.

2. Pretty in pink Pink will never go out of fashion and today's millennial pink tones are bang on trend. Perfectly manicured pink nails ooze femininity, and our Chroma Gel french manicure set will give you this adorable feminine look with long-lasting results.

3. Subtle and soft smoky grey Smoky grey nails are both feminine and subtle, suitable for the working day, or when out on the town. When grey Chroma gel polish is applied to a nail and given a beautiful mirror sheen, this instantly elongates the nail and makes hands appear slender.

4. Rich and dark luscious reds For that perfect date or night out with the girls, you can't go wrong with luscious blood reds. The darker the red, the better, and you can find your perfect shade by simply mixing the red of your choice with a few dots of black Chroma gel polish to perfect this look.

5. Stripes Bold and colourful stripes, or even monochrome stripes, are incredibly popular this year, and Chroma gel polish makes it very easy to achieve this look. Just paint those bold lines vertically to match your mood or outfit. Chroma gel is a versatile gel polish that allows you to create a variety of the latest hottest trends. To find more nail inspiration and to browse our full Chroma gel polish range, then please do take a look at our website today.

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4 tips to find the perfect men's hair clippers

4 tips to find the perfect men's hair clippers

While many men still enjoy the social experience of visiting a barber, an increasing number like to use trimmers or clippers at home to stay looking sharp. If you are thinking of picking up your first pair of hair clippers to use, then it is worth thinking carefully before splashing out.

Here are four tips on finding the perfect clippers to buy.

1. Quality

This is probably the main thing to think about before parting with your cash. Make sure the pair you choose are well designed and made from quality materials. It is worth checking out the blade quality and also the motor power as you want a decent amount to allow it to cut properly. The Aphrodite Chrome Cordless Mega Taper Hair Clipper 3000s is a great example of a well-made hair clipper that has plenty of power.

2. Look at the accessories you get

All decent hair clippers should come with a variety of accessories. This will give them the flexibility of use and also keep them in good condition for longer. A blade guard as found included with clippers like the Aphrodite Professional Ultra Taper Hair Clipper is key to make your blades stay sharp for longer. Other accessories that are a real bonus include comb attachments and cleaning brushes.

3. Does it give plenty of use per charge?

Let's face it - there is nothing worse than an electrical device that needs charging all the time! The key thing to look at here is the battery included in the clipper. Many clippers like the superb Aphrodite Professional Cordless Mega Taper Hair Clipper 3000 now have long-lasting lithium batteries for longer run times. They also charge quicker, so when you do have to cut your hair it will not take all day!

4. Consider going cordless

Cordless clippers are becoming really popular now as they mean no more tangled wires when using them. It also gives a real freedom to your hair cutting session as you are not shackled to the plug socket. If you have never thought about using cordless clippers, then give it a go. You will love the way they make cutting your hair easy, wherever you may be!

If you are needing hair clippers for personal or professional use then the above tips are worth taking on board. They will see you pick a pair of clippers that will give superb results and be pleasurable to use also.
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Top tips for caring for your hair extensions

Top tips for caring for your hair extensions

Hair extensions are amazing - they can completely transform our hair and overall look, but in order to maintain this look, we need to ensure we are giving our hair extensions the proper love and attention they deserve. Below we've put together some tops tips on hair extensions aftercare.

1. Brush thoroughly and regularly

Brushing your extensions is a regular exercise and something you should remember to do often, just like brushing your teeth. You also need to ensure you're using the right equipment for the job too. By using a looper brush or soft bristle brush you can detangle your hair without causing damage to it. Start at the bottom, as you would with your natural hair and begin to detangle that area first, then work your way upwards to other sections of your hair. Be gentle with your hair extensions as they aren't as strong as your natural hair.

2. Wash with the appropriate products

Your hair extensions need extra love when it comes to washing them. You will need to use the recommended aftercare range for your hair extensions as this will make sure that the shampoo and conditioner don't affect the hair extension bonds or the quality of the hair. A good choice is shampoos and conditioners that contain keratin such as the Goldiloxs keratin hair extension shampoo and conditioner set. Remember that when you are washing your hair, you should do so in lukewarm water, as the temperature can have a negative effect on both your hair extensions and natural hair and only use conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.

3. Use deep conditioning treatments weekly

As well as your specific shampoo and conditioner, you should also be using a regular intensive treatment such as a mask to help ensure your hair extensions are receiving the necessary oils to keep them healthy and soft. A great product to try is the Goldilox keratin hair extension masque which will provide your hair with all the necessary nutrients it needs to look and feel amazing.

You should treat your hair extensions with these products at least once a week to ensure they stay in top condition.

Follow these tips and you can guarantee your hair extensions will last and look fabulous for longer!

  • Artur Bobinski

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