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Micro Ring Beads for Hair Extensions 500 (Threaded)

SKU: HH-MR-BDB Barcode: 5060068987915

Introducing our high-quality Micro Ring Beads for Hair Extensions 500 (Threaded) - the perfect accessory for achieving flawless, natural-looking hair extensions. Whether you're a professional hairdresser or a DIY enthusiast, our non-silicone Micro Ring Beads are designed to give you outstanding results every time.

Each pack contains 500 threaded beads, made from a durable alloy that allows the hairdresser to flatten the ring, ensuring a seamless and undetectable finish. These beads are compatible with both human and synthetic hair extensions, as well as feathers, making them incredibly versatile.

Why choose our Micro Ring Beads? Here are two key features that set them apart:

  • Reduced slippage: The inside of each bead is threaded like a screw, providing a secure grip on the hair. Say goodbye to worrying about your extensions slipping out - our Micro Ring Beads ensure a long-lasting hold.
  • Reusable: As your hair grows out, the beads need to be periodically removed. With our Micro Ring Beads, you can easily reuse the hair extensions you already have, saving you time and money in the long run.

Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, our Micro Ring Beads for Hair Extensions are designed to make the installation process effortless. The beads can be easily threaded onto the hair, and their discreet design ensures that they remain virtually invisible once applied.

Revitalize your hairstyle and add length and volume with ease. Our Micro Ring Beads are the trusted choice of many hairstylists and hair extension enthusiasts around the world. Join them and experience the transformation that our high-quality beads offer.

Pack content:

  • 500 x Threaded Beads

Enhance your hair extensions today with our Micro Ring Beads. Browse our selection and start creating the glamorous look you've always desired.