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Wella Professionals Welloxon Perfect Developers

SKU: W-P-12-1L Barcode: 8005610617480

Wella Professionals Welloxon Perfect Developers: Tailored for Precision and Comfort

  • Our Welloxon Perfect Developers are meticulously reformulated to complement the new Koleston Perfect Colour range. This synergy between developer and colour ensures the most precise and vibrant results, bringing your hair colouring visions to life with stunning accuracy.

Optimal Consistency and Easy Mixing

  • Experience the ease of blending with our developers. Designed for effortless and quick mixing, they create a smooth, consistent mixture that's ideal for a range of colouring techniques. This improved formula not only saves time but also enhances the application process.

Superb Foil Adhesion and Precise Application

  • Enjoy unmatched control and precision during the colouring process. Our developers provide excellent foil adhesion, ensuring that each application is neat and precise, catering to detailed and intricate colouring techniques with ease.

Comfortable and Easy Rinsing Experience

  • Concluding the colouring session is as pleasant as starting it. The Welloxon Perfect Developers rinse out easily, making the post-colouring cleanup a breeze. This leads to a more comfortable experience for clients, leaving them satisfied with both the process and the stunning results.