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Student 5" Micro Serrated Hairdressing Scissors - Precision, Affordability & Grip

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Introducing the Student 5" Micro Serrated Hairdressing Scissors, the perfect tool for aspiring hairdressers and barbers. With its precise micro serrated blades, these scissors offer exceptional quality without breaking the bank.

Designed with the needs of students in mind, these micro serrated hairdressing scissors strike the ideal balance between performance and affordability. They come encased in a beautiful leather zip case, complete with a clear plastic window that allows you to easily view and protect your shears.

These scissors boast convenient features that cater to your comfort and preferences. The removable finger inserts ensure a customizable fit, allowing you to adjust their size according to your needs. Additionally, the scissors include a removable finger rest, giving you the flexibility to work with or without it.

With our Student 5" Micro Serrated Hairdressing Scissors, you can achieve precise cuts with ease. The micro serrated blades grip the hair firmly, enhancing your control and preventing slippage. This enables you to create clean lines and achieve flawless results.

  • Exceptional balance of quality and affordability, perfect for students and beginners
  • Micro serrated blades provide a superior grip, ensuring precise cuts and preventing slippage

Invest in these high-quality hairdressing scissors and bring your styling skills to the next level. Whether you're a hairdressing student or a beginner in the industry, these scissors are an essential tool to help you succeed.