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Kobaruto Rebel Professional Hair Thinning Scissors 6 inch 440C 35T

SKU: K-KR-6TF Barcode: 5060533381491

The Kobaruto Rebel 6 inch thinning scissors are hand crafted from the finest Japanese cobalt alloy, powder coated with a stylish black and silver finish.

Rebel scissors come with double finger rests and can be used by professional barbers and hairdressers.  The front blade that has an angled sword edge and the back has a flatter edge for comb and hair allowing the stylist or barber extra accuracy and control.

These thinning shears have a 25%-35% cutting ratio thanks to the 35 cutting teeth, which glide effortlessly when cutting.

They also have removable finger inserts to adjust for size and comfort.

They have an adjustable bolt that joins the blades, professional hairdressing scissors can be tightened or loosened according to the stylists or barbers preference.

These hair thinning shears feature ballistic blades which are ideal for professional use as they are designed to be used all day everyday and are guaranteed to assist every barber, stylist and hairdresser to take the art of hairdressing to a whole new level.

Kobaruto Rebel hair thinning scissors are currently available for worldwide delivery.