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PFX Professional Hair Scissors 6 inch 440C Cobalt - Kobaruto

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Experience the unparalleled craftsmanship and precision of the PFX Professional Hair Scissors 6 inch 440C Cobalt by Kobaruto. Designed with the needs of professional barbers and hairdressers in mind, these scissors are the ultimate tool to elevate your craft.

Made from the finest Japanese cobalt alloy, these 6 inch scissors deliver exceptional performance. The matt handles provide a comfortable grip, allowing for hours of effortless cutting. The shiny silver finish on the blades ensures a smooth and precise cutting action, resulting in clean and impeccable hairstyles.

With the PFX Professional Hair Scissors, you'll have full control and accuracy. The front blade features a sword edge, while the back blade has a flatter edge, enabling precise cutting and styling. Additionally, these scissors are equipped with double finger rests, providing enhanced control for seamless hair sculpting.

Customize the fit of these scissors for maximum comfort with the removable finger inserts. Whether you prefer a tighter or looser grip, the adjustable bolt joining the blades allows for easy tightening or loosening according to your preference. This ensures optimal performance every time you pick up these scissors.

With their ballistic blades, the PFX Professional Hair Scissors are designed for all-day, everyday use. Count on these scissors to withstand the demands of a professional salon environment, making them the perfect choice for barbers, stylists, and hairdressers who strive for excellence.

Order the Kobaruto PFX Professional Hair Scissors 6 inch 440C Cobalt now and elevate your hairdressing skills to a whole new level. Upgrade your tools and experience the difference firsthand.