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Glitter No Wipe Top Coat with Holographic Glitter | Chroma Gel #84

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Chroma Gel No Wipe Top Coat with Holographic Glitter

We love gel polish, but if there's one thing that drives us crazy it's the need to wipe off that sticky residue with gel cleanser for each and every cure. Luckily, we can now make your gel cures a breeze with the 1 Step, No Wipe Top Coat!

This one is extra special as it has Holographic glitter in it.

Remember this is a clear top coat with glitter in it.

The clever scientists at Chroma Gel have been beavering away in their lab to come up with the world's most advanced Gel Polish Top Coat. What make's it so spectacular? Well...

• No sticky residue left behind - just cure and you're good to go!
• Superb versatility - use it with any and every gel polish system
• Adds strength, durability and has an incredible glossy shine.

Chroma No Wipe Top Coat is perfect for a huge variety of nail art styles and works with anything from sassy acrylics to sleek French tips, and hot holographics to show-stopping chromes! Simply apply the top coat and cure in LED for 60 seconds or UV for 2 minutes. No wiping, no hassle.

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This is how you create an amazing shine using Chroma Gel 1 step Glitter gel polish & Chrome powder sealed with Chroma Gel No Wipe Top Coat:

No Wipe Top Coat | Chroma Gel