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Experience Superior Hairstyling with ATOMIC, Professional Hood Dryer

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ATOMIC by Aphrodite and Ceriotti: Elevating Haircare with Professional Hood Dryer Technology

Experience the fusion of functionality and style with ATOMIC, a professional hood dryer equipped with a timer, thermostat and temperature control light. Its retro-futuristic design featuring an integrated visor encapsulates the balance of classic aesthetics and advanced technology.

Pushing the boundaries of power with a 1400W ULTRA POWER feature, the ATOMIC's engineered hood optimises airflow for superior performance.

Unmatched Quality with Aphrodite and Ceriotti:
The Hood promises top-tier materials and ultimate transparency.
Customised engine, a unique offering globally, guarantees 100% authentic Italian craftsmanship. This super durable engine requires no maintenance, has an extensive lifespan, and kickstarts under any electrical condition (across all speeds). It's even resistant to tropical climates (high tropical class) and allows for different rotation speeds through internal speed coils and condensers. This certified product adheres to stringent standards.
- The heating element is 100% authentic Italian with a high radiating surface and low specific load. It offers enhanced safety, high heating performance, and flame-resistant properties. Requiring zero maintenance, it also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Key Features

  1. Timer and Thermostat: The hood dryer includes a timer and thermostat for accurate control of drying time and temperature, providing a seamless hair drying experience.

  2. Temperature Control Light: The appliance has a temperature control light that allows you to monitor and adjust the heat level accurately, ensuring the optimal care for different hair types.

  3. Integrated Visor Design: The dryer features a retro-futuristic design with an integrated visor, adding an element of style to its powerful functionality.

  4. Increased Power - 1400W Ultra Power: With its powerful 1400W engine, the hood dryer ensures fast and efficient drying, saving time while providing excellent results.

  5. Optimized Airflow: The engineered hood has been designed to optimize airflow for even and effective drying.

  6. Ceriotti-Branded Engine and Hood: Made from high-quality materials, the Ceriotti-branded engine and hood promise longevity, durability, and peak performance.

  7. Heating Element: 100% original Italian heating element provides high heating performance and doesn't propagate flames. It requires zero maintenance and comes with a 10-year warranty.

  8. Certified Italian Origin: With its certified Italian origin, this dryer represents the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship in hairstyling tools.

  9. Tropical Climate Resistance: The hood dryer is designed to withstand tropical climates, making it a versatile tool for various environmental conditions.

Atomic Standing Hair Dryer includes the Adjustable Stand

Customer Reviews

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Joaquina Martins
Experience Superior Hairstyling with ATOMIC, Professional Hood Dryer

I’m 💯 satisfied with my hair dryer and I recommend it to everyone who has a salon.

Simon Lee
Very high quality hair dryer

This hair dryer is exactly what our salon needed. We've had it for a few months and it is very good at what it does. Solid design with sturdy base. I recommend it for all hair salon owners.