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Economy Full Head Clip in Hair 18 Inch | Barely Black

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If you're looking to achieve gorgeous, long hair without breaking the bank, our Economy Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions are the perfect solution for you. Made from 100% silky human hair, these extensions provide a natural look and feel, giving you the confidence to rock any hairstyle.

With a length of 18 inches, our Economy Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions instantly add length and volume to your hair. Each set includes 5 wide wefts, each measuring 12 inches in width, and attached with 6 clips for easy application. Whether you're looking for a new, fresh look or simply want to add more volume, these extensions have got you covered.

Not only are these extensions easy to use, but they are also incredibly versatile. You can curl, straighten, and tong the extensions to match your desired style. Plus, they can be washed, allowing you to keep them looking their best for months to come.


  • 100% Silky Human Hair: Our extensions are made from high-quality human hair, ensuring a natural and blendable look.
  • Easy Application: With 6 clips attached to each weft, these extensions can be easily applied in just 5 minutes.


With a set weight of 105g (85g of hair), these extensions offer a comfortable and lightweight wearing experience. They are designed to last, with a lifespan of 6 to 12 months depending on care and usage.

Please note that colors may vary slightly due to differences in print colors and computer screens. Additionally, it is important to avoid coloring the extensions as they have already been highly processed, which may cause damage. Excessive heat should also be avoided, with a maximum recommended temperature of 210°C.

Upgrade your hair game with our Economy Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions. Shop now and transform your look effortlessly!