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Professional Double Tooth Detangling Comb - Tangle-Free Haircare Tool

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Unleash your hairs potential with our professional-grade Double Tooth Detangling Comb - trusted by hairdressers and barbers for tangle-free results every time.

The Professional Double Tooth Detangling Comb is the perfect tool for those who love to detangle their hair with ease. Made especially for hairdressers and barbers, its double tooth design effortlessly glides through knots, tangles, and snarls in all types of hair. Its sturdy build ensures a firm grip while combing your locks without causing any breakage or damage. Say goodbye to painful tugging and snagging as this comb gently combs through strands leaving them smooth and shiny. Whether you have curly or straight hair, this detangling comb will make styling a breeze every time!

  • The professional double tooth detangling comb is perfect for hairdressers and barbers to use on their clients, providing a smooth and effortless detangling experience
  • This comb is great for all hair types, making it a versatile tool that can be used daily at home as well as in salons
  • With its ergonomic grip and durable construction, this comb ensures longlasting performance while also being easy to handle during use

Professional double tooth detangling comb is a high quality comb for hairdressers and barbers. It is chemical resistant and can be used with hair treatments.