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PFX Professional Hair Scissors 5.5 inch 440C Cobalt - Kobaruto

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The PFX Professional Hair Scissors 5.5 inch 440C Cobalt by Kobaruto are expertly crafted to meet the high demands of professional hairstylists and barbers.

These hair scissors are made from the finest Japanese cobalt alloy, ensuring exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. The blades have a shiny silver finish, which not only enhances the stylish appearance but also allows for smooth and precise cutting.

With a total length of 5.5 inches, these scissors offer the perfect balance between control and versatility. The double finger rests provide added comfort during prolonged use, allowing you to maintain a steady grip and achieve precise results with every cut.

  • Exceptional durability - Made from the finest Japanese cobalt alloy
  • Precision cutting - Shiny silver finish blades for smooth and accurate performance

The front blade features a sword edge, while the back blade has a flatter edge, providing the stylist or barber with extra accuracy and control for various hair types and styles. Additionally, the removable finger inserts allow for customized sizing and enhanced comfort.

The adjustable bolt joining the blades enables easy tightening or loosening, allowing you to fine-tune the scissors according to your personal preference.

Designed for professional use, the PFX Professional Hair Scissors with their ballistic blades are built to withstand the rigorous demands of daily salon and barber shop operations. Elevate your hairdressing skills to a whole new level with these exceptional scissors.

Experience the quality and precision of Kobaruto hair shears. Order your PFX Professional Hair Scissors today and benefit from their advanced features and professional-grade performance.