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Blue Cobalt Professional Hair Scissors 5.5 inch - Kobaruto

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Introducing the Blue Cobalt Professional Hair Scissors 5.5 inch by Kobaruto, the ultimate tool for every professional barber, stylist, and hairdresser. Crafted with precision and designed to exceed expectations, these hair scissors are the epitome of quality and performance.

Handcrafted from a premium Japanese cobalt alloy, these hair scissors are built to last. The blades are highly durable and offer an unparalleled cutting experience. The satin black non-slip finished handles provide a comfortable grip, while the polished blue cobalt blades ensure smooth and precise cuts.

With a smooth gliding action, these lightweight hair scissors deliver impeccable control and accuracy. The adjustable bolt allows for customization, so you can tighten or loosen the blades according to your personal preference.

Key Features:

  • Supreme Japanese cobalt alloy blades for exceptional durability
  • Smooth gliding action for precise and effortless cuts

These Kobaruto Cobalt Hair Scissors feature ballistic blades, making them ideal for everyday use. Take your hairdressing skills to the next level with these exceptional scissors that guarantee exceptional results. Whether you're creating intricate hairstyles or simply giving a clean trim, these scissors will exceed your expectations.

Order your Blue Cobalt Professional Hair Scissors 5.5 inch by Kobaruto today and experience the ultimate tool for hairdressing professionals. Worldwide delivery is available.

Customer Reviews

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Caudio Ruskem
Very good scissors

These are my favourite scissors. Very sharp even after 3 months using them all day everyday. Very please would recommend