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Professional Hair Shears Black Cobalt 7 inch

SKU: K-BL-7 Barcode: 5060533380968

Kobaruto Black Cobalt 7 inch Hairdressing Scissors are an extremely high quality professional tool. These hair scissors are highly durable as they are hand crafted from a supreme Japanese cobalt alloy making the scissors life unparalleled in the professional barber and hairdressing industry.

7 inches of cobalt help keep the weight and balance perfect so that the smooth gliding action is not compromised.

Black finished handles and Matte Black Cobalt blades give these scissors an exclusively unique prestigious feel. Removable finger inserts are included to adjust for different finger sizes making them an even better fit.

They have an adjustable bolt that joins the blades as all professional scissors should and can tighten or loosen the blades according to the stylists or barbers preference.

The scissors feature ballistic blades which are ideal for professional use as they are designed to be used all day everyday and are guaranteed to assist every barber, stylist and hairdresser to take the art of hairdressing to a whole new level.

Kobaruto Black Cobalt hair scissors are currently available for worldwide delivery.