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APN | Always Perfect Nails | Acrylic Liquid Monomer

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Looking for the perfect monomer for your professional nail enhancements? Look no further than APN | Always Perfect Nails | Acrylic Liquid Monomer. Our high-performance acrylic liquid is a must-have in every nail technician's toolkit.

With its innovative formula, APN Acrylic Liquid Monomer offers exceptional quality and results. Say goodbye to lifting, yellowing, and crystallizing. Our monomer is specially formulated to provide optimal adhesion to the natural nail, ensuring that your enhancements stay flawless and secure.

Here are two key features of APN Acrylic Liquid Monomer:

  • No MMA: We prioritize the health and safety of our customers. This is why our acrylic liquid is formulated without MMA (Methyl Methacrylate), a potentially harmful chemical often found in other products. Rest assured, with APN, you are using a monomer that is safer for both you and your clients.
  • Long-lasting Performance: APN Acrylic Liquid Monomer is designed to withstand the test of time. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your nail enhancements will remain beautiful and intact, even with everyday wear and tear. Our monomer provides excellent strength and durability.

Available in two convenient sizes (200ml and 500ml), our APN Acrylic Liquid Monomer is perfect for both professional nail salons and at-home nail enthusiasts. Its delicate lilac color adds a touch of elegance to your workspace, while the ester-like odor ensures a pleasant application experience.

To use, simply pour a small amount of the APN Acrylic Liquid Monomer into a glass dappen dish. Dip your brush into the liquid, ensuring the brush bristles are fully soaked. Gently tap the sides of the brush against the dish to eliminate any excess liquid, and you're ready to create stunning nail enhancements.

Upgrade your nail game with APN | Always Perfect Nails | Acrylic Liquid Monomer. Experience the difference of a high-quality, MMA-free monomer that allows you to create flawless and long-lasting nail enhancements. Order yours today!