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Synthetic Clip In Extensions | 18 Inch Barely Black

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Introducing our Synthetic Clip In Extensions in the stunning shade of Barely Black! Crafted to effortlessly enhance your natural beauty, these 18-inch extensions will instantly add length, volume, and oomph to your hair.

Created with high-quality synthetic materials, these extensions possess the remarkable ability to mimic the look and feel of real hair. Style them according to your desires – straighten or curl them with ease, as they can withstand temperatures up to 200°C.

With our Synthetic Clip In Extensions, you can embrace versatile styling options to amplify your best self. Say goodbye to limp or lifeless hair!

Key Features:

  • Adds jaw-dropping length and voluminous bounce to your hair in an instant
  • Create various hairstyles and looks effortlessly with these versatile extensions

The single strip construction combined with the seamless integration of these clip in extensions will make your hair appear naturally flawless. Experience a transformation that complements darker hair tones flawlessly – the Barely Black shade adds depth and dimension to your personal style.

Unleash your hair's true potential and explore a world of endless styling possibilities with our Synthetic Clip In Extensions. Order now and let your stunning locks take the spotlight!


  • Colour: Barely Black
  • Length: 18 inches