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Yaki Silky Weave 14 Inch Jet Black 1 Hair Extensions

Enhance your natural beauty with our Yaki Silky Weave 14 Inch Jet Black 1 Hair Extensions. Made from 100% High Quality Remy Hair, these extensions provide a luxurious and realistic look.

With a length of 14 inches, this human hair weave can be styled and customized to suit your desired look. Whether you prefer sewing, bonding, gluing, or clip-ins, you have the flexibility to apply these extensions however you prefer.

Our Yaki Silky Weave is renowned for its exceptional quality and luxurious feel. Made from 100% human hair, it offers a high-end alternative to other hair extensions at a fraction of the price. As real human hair, it can be styled just like your own hair, giving you the freedom to create any look you desire.

Key Features:

  • 100% Human Hair
  • Remy Quality Hair

These Yaki Silky Weave extensions are not only easy to manage but also resistant to high temperatures and can be chemically treated to suit your desired style. With proper maintenance, they can be reused multiple times, ensuring long-lasting value.

You can fit these extensions using various application techniques. To leave them attached, use a cold bonding hair extension glue such as the Weaving bond, Liquid gold, or Toupee Tape. Alternatively, you can opt for the weave and sew method. For a hot melt adhesive application, simply cut the hair from the weft and have it attached in individual bonds by a professional extension stylist.

These Yaki Silky Weave extensions have a durability of 1-3 months with continuous wear when proper aftercare products are used to maintain the hair's health. Cut, curl, straighten, and style these extensions just like your natural hair. However, we do recommend consulting a professional stylist for correct maintenance.

Elevate your style with our Yaki Silky Weave 14 Inch Jet Black 1 Hair Extensions and experience the confidence that comes with flawless, gorgeous hair.