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Chroma Gel Gel Cleanser - Effortlessly Removes Residue

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The Chroma Gel Gel Cleanser is a must-have product for nail enthusiasts who strive for perfection. Designed to effortlessly remove sticky residue left by gel polish, base coats, and top coats, this high-quality cleanser ensures impeccable nails every time.

Experience the brilliance of a glossy shine with every application of our gel cleanser. Its advanced formula guarantees a flawless finish, giving your nails a professionally done look that is sure to catch attention.

  • Effortlessly remove sticky inhibition layers
  • Enjoy a long-lasting glossy shine

Our gel cleanser is formulated with a low odour, providing a pleasant and comfortable working experience. Say goodbye to overpowering smells that can disrupt you and your clients, and enjoy a more enjoyable nail care routine.

Compatible with all brands of nail gels and gel polish, this versatile product is a valuable addition to your collection. Regardless of your preferred brand, you can trust our gel cleanser to consistently deliver outstanding performance.

When it comes to quality, the Chroma Gel Gel Cleanser exceeds expectations. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this product guarantees exceptional results with every use.

Please note: This product is exclusively available in the UK.

  • Effortlessly removes sticky residue left by gel polish, base coats, and top coats
  • Formulated with a low odour for a pleasant and comfortable working experience