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Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish Tickle My Teal No.61

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Introducing the Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish in Tickle My Teal No.61. This bold teal green shade will give your nails a vibrant and eye-catching look.

Experience the world's most advanced gel nail polish with Chroma Gel 1 Step. It provides full coverage for your nails and cures quickly under LED and UV light. Say goodbye to sticky residue, as this gel polish is easy to remove without any hassle.

Applying the Chroma Gel 1 Step is a breeze. Simply paint on 1 thin coat, cure it, then paint a second coat and cure again. No wiping or cleansing required. In just 60 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under UV light, your nails will be frozen in a glossy finish that can last up to 21 days.

Discover the key benefits of Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish:

  • Quick and easy application that saves you time
  • No need for multiple coats, as two thin coats are enough

For a long-lasting gel manicure, this gel polish is all you need. Its high gloss opaque consistency provides stunning coverage, while its easy removal process ensures convenience.

Pair the Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish with our LED or UV Lamp for optimal results. Create salon-worthy nails in the comfort of your own home.

Please note that the colors may vary due to print colors and computer screens not being 100% accurate.


  • Colour: Bold Teal Green
  • Cure Time: LED (60 seconds), UV (2 minutes)
  • Finish: Glossy