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Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish 5ml Silver Stone No.55

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The Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish in Silver Stone No.55 is the perfect choice for those who want a stunning metallic finish on their nails. As an opaque silver shade with a hint of shimmer, this gel polish delivers a sophisticated and eye-catching look. Plus, the new 5ml size gives you even more value and convenience.

What sets the Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish apart is its advanced formula and long-lasting results. With full coverage and a curing time in both LED and UV light, this gel polish offers a durable and glossy finish that can last up to 21 days. Say goodbye to chipped nails and hello to salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home.

Applying the Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish is a breeze. Simply paint on one thin coat, cure, then apply a second coat and cure again – no wiping or cleansing required. The freeze-in LED or UV light process takes just seconds or minutes, depending on your chosen lamp. It's quick, easy, and hassle-free.

With its 5ml size, this gel polish is perfect for both professional nail technicians and at-home use. To achieve the best results, pair it with the Chroma Gel LED or UV Lamp, which ensures a thorough and efficient curing process. You'll love how your nails will look and feel with the Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish.


  • Metallic finish
  • Opaque silver shade with a hint of shimmer
  • Full coverage
  • LED and UV light curable
  • No wiping or cleansing required
  • Glossy finish
  • Lasts up to 21 days

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Karen T.
I used this colour over

I used this colour over the Orions belt and it looks absolutely fab. Thank you