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Chroma Gel Pink Banana No.36 1-Step Gel Polish - Long-Lasting & Hassle-Free

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Discover the captivating charm of the Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish in Pink Banana No.36. This exquisite shade of pink is designed to complement all skin tones, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Create a stunning and long-lasting manicure effortlessly with the Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish. Simply apply a thin coat to your nails and cure it under an LED lamp for just 30 seconds or a UV lamp for 2 minutes. Then, apply a second thin coat and cure it once more. That's all it takes to achieve a glossy gel polish that can last up to two weeks, ensuring your manicure stays beautiful for longer.

Key Features:

  • Easy Application: The Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish is designed for hassle-free application, providing salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home.
  • Long-lasting Formula: The advanced gel formula ensures your manicure stays flawless for up to two weeks, without chipping or fading.

For the perfect manicure, you'll need the following:

  • Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish
  • LED or UV Lamp
  • Two thin coats for extended wear

Please note that the actual color may vary slightly due to differences in print and computer screens. However, rest assured that the Pink Banana No.36 will adorn your nails with its delightful shade, giving you salon-quality nails whenever you desire.

Elevate your nail game with the Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish in Pink Banana No.36 and experience the ultimate in long-lasting, professional manicures.