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Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish 5ml Orions Belt No.53

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Introducing the Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish in the stunning shade of Orions Belt. Immerse yourself in the cosmic beauty of this deep midnight purple polish, delicately infused with a touch of shimmer. Say goodbye to multiple layers and hello to the convenience of a 5ml size!

Experience the next level in gel nail polish with Chroma Gel 1 Step. Designed to revolutionize your manicure, it offers the best of both worlds - the flawless application of polish and the long-lasting durability of gel. With just one coat, your nails are drenched in full coverage color that lasts for up to 21 days!

Elevate your nail game with the exceptional features of Chroma Gel 1 Step:

  • Cures efficiently in both LED and UV light, ensuring a quick and convenient curing process.
  • Effortless removal without any sticky residue, saving you time and effort!

In just three simple steps, you can achieve a flawlessly manicured look that lasts:

  1. Prepare your nails by cleaning and prepping them.
  2. Apply a thin coat of Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish and cure it using an LED or UV lamp.
  3. Apply a second thin coat and cure it again. No wiping or cleansing required!

Discover the beauty and convenience of Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polish, perfect for those who crave long-lasting perfection. Please note that actual colors may slightly vary due to print colors and computer screens not being 100% accurate.

  • Product Type: Gel Nail Polish
  • Product Size: 5ml