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Ultra Light 4200 Professional Hair Dryer - damaged box

The Ultra Light 4200 Professional Hair Dryer - damaged box is a remarkable device that combines lightweight design with powerful performance. Despite a minor flaw in the packaging, this product promises to deliver salon-quality results every time.

Weighing in at just 460 grams, this hair dryer is designed with professionals in mind. Its lightweight construction ensures that hairstylists can use it for extended periods without experiencing hand or wrist fatigue. Rest assured, this ultra light hair dryer won't compromise on power or functionality.

With three heat settings and two speed settings, this hair dryer allows for customizable styling to suit every hair type. Say goodbye to unruly, stubborn hair with the included cool shot button, which helps set your desired look in place. The 3-meter cord provides flexibility and convenience, allowing for easy maneuverability.

Equipped with three nozzle attachments, this hair dryer offers versatility for different styling needs. Whether you want to add volume, create smooth, straight strands, or define curls, this hair dryer has got you covered.

In terms of power, the Ultra Light 4200 Professional Hair Dryer boasts an impressive 2500W motor, ensuring quick and efficient drying times. This hair dryer delivers exceptional performance without compromising on weight or convenience.

If you're based in the UK or Europe, this hair dryer operates at 220 volts, making it suitable for your electrical outlets. Please note that this hair dryer is not compatible with other voltage systems.

  • Lightweight design for comfortable extended use
  • Powerful 2500W motor for efficient drying

In summary, the Ultra Light 4200 Professional Hair Dryer - damaged box offers a lightweight, powerful, and versatile solution for all your hairstyling needs. Despite the box being damaged, rest assured that the product itself is brand new and ready to deliver salon-worthy results. Experience the difference of this professional-grade hair dryer today!