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What is yaki hair?

Finding hair extensions that naturally blend with your hair colour and texture can be tricky. That’s why yaki hair is the perfect choice to extend your locks in a most natural way.

Yaki hair adds volume and length. Yaki extensions are of a texture that allows anyone with natural hair (or who is growing it out) to blend the length into their own hair.

Straight yaki hair allows fabulous flexibility for styling. Wear it long or intricately do it up for elegance, either in a formal or more casual style. Yaki hair is easy to put in a bun, a half updo or a loose ponytail.

What is yaki hair?

“Yaki” simply means coarse. Yaki hair is usually not like other silkier forms of hair extension (though you can get “silkier” yaki extensions that are super sleek and straight). The texture of a yaki extension is designed to match freshly blown Afro-Caribbean hair types.

Yaki hair extensions are human hair, usually taken from more than one donor. Yaki hair is not virgin hair. Virgin hair is that which has not undergone any processing - be it colouring or had a chemical applied to it. Yaki hair has been processed to resemble the kinky texture that so many women naturally have.

What is the difference between yaki hair and Remy hair?

Put simply, Remy hair is a grade of hair. Yaki hair is a reference to the texture of the hair extension. Caribbean or Afro-Caribbean hair can be coarse or wavy, hence the coarseness of yaki extensions. Yaki hair generally doesn’t look as sleek and straight as Remy hair.

Maintaining yaki hair

To give it its coarse texture, a yaki hair extension is steamed. The extensions can be coloured or lightened.

You should wash your yaki hair at least once a week and you can moisturise it with a conditioner. Make sure you rinse well and air dry it.

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