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What are ceramic straighteners and what do they do to your hair?

Ceramic straighteners or flat irons as some people call them are a hair straightening tool designed to smoothen and straighten even the toughest hair.

Originally the hair straightener used to be a iron comb that would be heated by a stove or by fire - similar to this one.

Hot Iron - Straightening Comb


It wasn’t until 1912 that the flat iron came out that most closely represents the flat irons or straighteners that are sold on the internet and in stores today.

Aphrodite Ceramic Hair Straighteners


The benefit of ceramic hair straighteners sold today is that ceramic is one of the smoothest materials you can use on the hair and the plates heat up evenly making it less likely to have hot spots that can damage the hair.

Ceramic Straighteners Lock in Moisture

Ceramic plates lock in moisture to the hair when used , this helps protect your hair colour so you wont have to worry about fading if you have recently dyed your hair colour. The irons will gently smooth you hair adding a silky shine to your colour to make it look vibrant and happy.

Versatile Straighteners

They can be very versatile because they can also be used to curl hair by using the barrel of the straightener to wrap the hair round and curl the hair.

If you looking for a hair tool that is versatile, affordable and easy to use and create hair styles that you desire then hair straighteners should be number one on your list.


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