Top tips for optimising your beard -

Top tips for optimising your beard

Beard grooming has never been easier but you will need to have patience and commitment if you can hope to optimise your beard to look the best. These top tips are the answer to men’s beard grooming ( questions.

Be patient

The first step is to refrain from the urge to trim and to let it grow free for 5-6 weeks. Doing so will allow the hair to grow naturally so you can see what you have to work with.

Choose a style that suits

There is no point trying to grow a Viking beard if your facial hair doesn’t grow in that manner. Once you’ve been growing a beard for 4-6 weeks it’ll be clear what style of beard will suit your face.

Trim it right

Use a cordless professional taper trimmer to give your beard the care that it deserves. A low quality trimmer will pull out as many hairs as it cuts, but a professional trimmer will have you looking smart and dapper in no time at all. Get the right trimmer for your beard style and trim it right.

Wash it regularly

You should keep your beard clean with beard wash and treat your skin with cleanser. Doing so will give your beard hair the shine and style it needs. Simply slapping some body wash on your chin will make your beard coarse and dead-looking when it could be thick and shinning.

Use beard oil

Nothing tames a beard like vines vintage beard oil ( Oiling your beard will make it shine and make it softer to the touch. This tried and tested favourite will make your beard irresistible to the touch.

Look after your tools

Trimming your beard every week and tidying the edges daily will take a toll on your clippers. Every good workman must take care of his tools and this is true of your clipper too. Spray them with clippercide ( to kill the bacteria, keep them well oiled and keep them running smoothly.

Feed it

The final step in having an optimised beard is to eat right. You can’t build a house without bricks and you can’t grow a beard without nutrients. A good diet of lean meats, nuts, eggs, milk and leafy greens will make your beard grow more healthy and will keep your facial hair optimised at all times.

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