Tips for hair extension aftercare -

Tips for hair extension aftercare

Hair extensions can be amazing, giving you that long luscious flowing hair that you have always dreamed about without having to wait for your own hair to grow. However, once you have the extensions in place, what do you need to do in order to keep them in the best condition?

As with most beauty products, correct aftercare is essential. Failure to follow the correct aftercare procedures may mean that your hair extensions won’t last as long as they otherwise would, and they will lose their shine and sleekness more quickly. As such, our experts have put together a few tips for the best hair extension aftercare.

1. Wash no more than three times a week

Unlike normal hair, hair extensions will have less grease build-up, which means you won’t need to wash them as frequently as you would your own hair. Washing the hair too regularly can damage the product, as can shampoos and conditioners containing harsh chemicals. We would recommend <a href="">the Goldilox range of products</a> to keep your extensions as happy and healthy as possible.

2. Don’t towel dry

Far too commonly, people with hair extensions will dry them as they would their normal hair. However, the heat and friction generated by towel drying will seriously damage your hair extensions and ruin them quickly. Instead, gently squeeze out the excess water and then pat dry with a towel.

3. Brush and de-tangle every day

The best way to keep your hair extensions looking long and luscious is to ensure that they don’t get tangled up. By brushing them every day with a specialist de-tangling brush, you will increase their longevity. You should always brush from the bottom and slowly work your way up the hair, finally ending up at the root area. 

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