Three ways to pump volume into your hair -

Three ways to pump volume into your hair

It’s often a case of go big or go home when it comes to hair. This is the motto that both guys and girls alike are factoring into their morning routines. The question is: what’s the best way to pump some much-needed volume into your hair?

Well, it turns out there are actually a few handy tricks that are proven to leave people’s manes looking bigger and better than ever before. Here are three you can try on any day of the week – whether you’re heading to work or meeting your mates.

Hair extensions

Less, of course, isn’t more when it comes to hair. This is why you should happily embrace the many benefits of extensions when it comes to adding the volume that you desire. American Pride clip in extensions are perfect for giving yourself a little more to work with in your mission for big hair. You simply clip them in evenly at the roots before embarking on your usual routine.

Blow dry

Don’t even think of stepping out of the shower without having a hair dryer to hand. For best results, you should consider tilting your hair so it’s upside-down as you use your Aphrodite hair dryer. Be sure to target the roots and run a comb through your stands at the same time.


Admittedly there’s not always time to be plugging in your electronics. This is especially true when you’re running out of the door and want to take measures to ensure that your hair is looking full of life rather than flat and lacklustre.  Fortunately, all you need is an Ikonic hair comb to start pumping volume into your hair. Working with dry hair, start by backcombing the roots before moving across to any other problem areas.

Big hair awaits!

Prepare to say hello to more volume than you could ever imagine. These three tricks are a great start to ensuring you’ve got the stunning hair that you’ve always wanted, so don’t wait to try them out.

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