Nail ideas that are hot this summer -

Nail ideas that are hot this summer

Summer is the perfect time to have fun and paint those nails with fabulous Chroma Gel polish. It's available in every colour imaginable, long lasting, and quick and easy to apply. So, what are you waiting for? Below we have some summer gel polish nail ideas that you can try at home.

Pink and sparkly

To stand out this summer, opt for a bright neon colour that will make your nails pop. If you want to achieve a more subtle look, then simply add a neon pink stripe down the centre of the nail. For extra shine, add a Chroma Gel polish top coat.

The reverse manicure

We all love a good manicure, but why not try one with a twist this summer? The reverse manicure is when you paint the entire nail white, and then paint the tips pink. For an even bolder look, paint the tips black. This is perfect for dancing away those summer evenings.


Violet is such a popular colour at the moment and perfect for summer. It's a cool and fresh look that's good for achieving those subtle summer nails. Go for a deep violet and then add your own nail art - you could add flowers or dots. Alternatively, make your nails shimmer with a top coat of Chroma Dust.

Go red

If you want to make a bold and dramatic statement, then you can't go far wrong with ruby red. The great news when applying red Chroma Gel polish is that once cured, it will set, so there will be no smudges. You'll be left with smooth red nails instead. You can create your own individual red nail look by adding artwork in black and white to really make those red nails shine.

Fabulous cocktails

Who doesn't love a good cocktail on those hot summer days! Well, now you can echo these fun and bright colours. Choose different Chroma Gel shades in orange, yellow, pink and bright blue. Paint each nail a different colour, or if you prefer, choose one colour for each nail and then add stripes using the colours left over. Just choose the shades you love and mix it up!

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