How to get the most out of your blow-dry -

How to get the most out of your blow-dry

One of the best parts of a trip to the hair salon is how great your hair looks and feels once it’s been washed and styled. You go home, it looks great for a couple of days but then, inevitably, you wash your hair and - goodbye beautiful locks. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get that ‘just been to the salon’ feeling with every wash, without having to step outside your front door? Follow our six easy steps below to keep your hair looking salon fabulous.

1. Prep your hair 

Make sure you’ve used a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, and use a moisturising mask or hair treatment once a week. Spritzing your hair with a heat protectant spray is crucial if you want to avoid your hair looking dry and frizzy. 

2. Choose your tools 

It’s really important that you use a decent hairdryer. Luckily, our range of Aphrodite professional hair dryers are reliable and get great results! Don’t neglect your brush choice either. A round barrelled brush is essential to get that volume and bounce that you’re looking for. Check out our My Girl Thermal Hair Brush range for the perfect solution. 

3. Air dry your hair first

It’s tempting to go straight in with the tools, but let your hair air dry to about 75%. This way, you’re minimising heat damage and saving yourself time and effort.

4. Dry your hair in sections

Once you’ve allowed your hair to air dry, you can go in with the brush and hairdryer. Divide your hair into sections and then dry, starting at the root; then twist your round brush through each section, drying as you go. Start with the under layers first, working your way to the top of your head. 

5. Mix it up

As you move through your hair, make sure you’re curling the brush in different directions, both towards and away from your face. This will give your hair movement and texture. 

6. Don’t overdo it on the hairspray 

Once you’ve finished your beautiful blow dry, leave your hair be! It’s tempting to brush through it with your fingers or a comb but you really don’t need to. Similarly, you might be tempted to overload your hair with product – don’t! A small blast of hairspray to smooth any flyaways is all you need.

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