Get ready for Christmas with festive nail fashions -

Get ready for Christmas with festive nail fashions

The festive season means one party after another, so with Christmas just around the corner, your customers will want to look their best. What could be better than a special festive manicure to get into the Christmas spirit? Offer your customers a selection of fun holiday looks, and they'll be sure to put regular manicures on their New Year's Resolution lists. Here are three of the best winter nail styles.

1) Go glittery for party fun

Christmas is the one time of year when even shrinking violets want to mix it up with bold, bright colours and effects. Use Chroma Dust to create a mirror effect on top of a Chroma 1 Step Gel manicure. Don't go for full-on glitter if your customer is worried about drawing too much attention. Instead, just have a hint of sparkle, ideally in a complementary colour that's a couple of shades away from the nail colour.

2) Choose classic Christmas colours for a day-to-night look

Red and green are the two colours we most associate with Christmas. Bright red nails are a winner at any time of year, but green can be harder to pull off. For a sophisticated take on Christmas colours, go for a deep, forest green or a rich, dark red. Darker shades look elegant and grown-up and should be finished here without any sparkle. This is a manicure that will look good at a Christmas party but is also suitable for even a corporate working environment.

3) Try winter white for a runway-ready look

This is a look that isn't for everyone, but fashion-forward clients will jump at the chance to try something new and bold. All-over white nails have a stark, icy look. Depending on how your customer styles her nails - in terms of both clothes and attitude - she could look like a wintery ice queen or something more down to earth. This look needs to be perfectly applied and requires regular maintenance to keep looking good. Be sure to finish with Chroma Gel No Wipe Top Coat and give your customer advice on upkeep, because any chipping or discolouration can ruin this look in an instant.

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