Be wedding-ready in minutes with these time-saving tips -

Be wedding-ready in minutes with these time-saving tips

There's no doubt that summer is the season of the wedding, with most of July and all of August often fully booked with prospective brides and grooms-to-be looking to make the most of the British summer. But when it comes down to dressing up in the hottest months of the year - especially when you'd much rather be in a bathing suit or shorts - shortening your preparations for each event is a must.

Go for clip-ins

If you're a fan of long, voluminous hair that you feel comfortable in, then clip-in extensions, like the ones we stock from American Pride, offer the best of both worlds. You can style and shape your hair another day, and save yourself time when it comes to actually getting ready by simply clipping and going. Not only is this a great alternative to classic salon extensions, but it also gives you the freedom to utilise those extensions for longer - lasting many happy events and evenings on the dance floor.

Choose gel polish

A perfect manicure is the ideal finishing touch to your most polished wedding look, but ensuring you have no chips, scratches or wear in the run-up to an event can be stressful; or in some cases practically impossible. Choosing Chroma Gel nail polish provides a harder-wearing, better-looking finish for your fingernails that isn't going to be dented in day-to-day life, allowing you to pay more attention to other elements of your outfit, without the need for touch-ups.

Choose effective hair tools

There's nothing worse than curlers that can't create lasting waves or straighteners that take forever to work through your hair. The tools you use can save a great deal of time in your preparation process, and choosing quality tools like Aphrodite straighteners can knock all that extra effort off your getting ready time, leaving you with beautiful locks that take minimal effort to look amazing.

From straighteners to nail polish, extensions to hair steamers, we have all the tools you need to turn your pre-wedding preparations from annoying to easy. Take a look at our full range of products today to discover how we can make you wedding-ready in minutes.

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