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5 ways to stay frizz-free this autumn

September means lots of different things. A new school year, pumpkin-spiced lattes, the end of summer, and the inevitable slide into autumn. Love it or hate it, autumn presents a whole new spectrum of weather for our hair to deal with. Here are our best tips for preserving sleek, shiny locks throughout the season and fighting the frizz for good! 

Mask It! 

For silky smooth hair in even the most tumultuous of weather, treat it to a luxurious conditioning mask. The APH Triple Miracle Hair Treatment Conditioner Mask is made with pure olive oil, almond oil, and henna. It's a natural treat for your frazzled cuticles and is guaranteed to leave your hair looking smooth and shiny no matter what. 

Protect it! 

Whether we blow-dry, straighten, or curl, our hair is put through the ringer to get it looking sleek. Goldiloxs Thermal Protection Spray will protect your hair from extreme heat and lock in your style every day. All you need to do is apply it before styling and enjoy healthy, frizz-free hair! 

Blow Dry It! 

Alongside using a thermal protection spray, take care when you blow dry. Holding the hairdryer too close to your locks can cause heat damage that leads to frizz. The Aphrodite Super Turbo Ionic Hair Dryer has a 'cool' shot button that takes the heat out of your hair instantly, which can reduce heat damage. Hello silky hair! Bye, bye frizz! 

Spritz It! 

A great hair serum can take the frizz out of frazzled locks without weighing it down. APH Hair Serum is great for both curly and straight hair that is prone to frizz and won't leave it looking oily or greasy. It also protects hair from the sun, which is especially great for those burnt-orange autumn afternoons.

Straighten It! 

After giving your hair a good dose of TLC, straightening is a quick fix for frizzy hair. Overbrushing can cause hair to become frizzy and static, but the Aphrodite Ultra Hot Hair Straightening Brush offers long-lasting rejuvenation to dull, lifeless hair. The anti-scald teeth mean your hair (and scalp) stay protected with every use, so you can kick frizz to the curb for good. 

Sure, summer may be over but that doesn't mean you have to give up on looking good. Embrace these five tips and enjoy sleek, shiny, frizz-free hair throughout autumn!

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