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3 tips for making your killer manicure last longer.

There is nothing more frustrating than having beautifully painted nails, only to have them chip a day later. But there are some measures that can be taken to preserve the longevity of nail varnish so that your nails will continue to look amazing for days. 

1. Don't neglect the top coat and base coat

A longlasting nail look starts with a solid foundation. A good base coat is essential for ensuring that any nail design won't chip. Chroma gel diamond base coat [https://www.beautyhair.co.uk/products/diamond-base-coat?variant=692027599] is a high-quality base coat that is perfect for long-lasting nail colour. Apply two layers of base coat to build a truly resilient nail polish base.

Once the nail design is perfected, you should always finish the design with a top coat. Chroma Gel top coat polishes prevent your nails from chipping and also give your nails a shiny finish, which is highly sought after by clients. Reapply a layer of gel top coat every few days to build up the layers of protection to ensure your nail design doesn't budge

2. Take care of your nails

Nails are often neglected when it comes to moisturisation. Nail designs won't last as long on nails that are brittle or prone to breakage. This can be fixed by massaging nail oil into the cuticles before applying your gel polish design. Chroma gel offers an excellent nail strengthener [https://www.beautyhair.co.uk/products/diamond-nail-strenthner]; It dries instantly, meaning you can apply nail polish straight after application.

3. Get creative.

Despite any protective measures that are taken, chipped nails are an inevitability and the nail design won't last forever. However, some creative thinking can breathe new life into your nail design. The first place that tends to chip on the nails are the tips. A good idea is to gently file away any exposed nail, or hide any bare nail with a thin French-tipped manicure in any colour of your choice. Chroma Gel's glitter gel polishes [https://www.beautyhair.co.uk/products/chroma-gel-1-step-gel-polish-2016-new-glitter-collection?variant=31856112588] are the perfect way to give your nails a creative french tip manicure. 

Browse our website to find out more about the range of gel polishes from Chroma Gel [https://www.beautyhair.co.uk/collections/chroma-gel-1-step]


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