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Vines Vintage Maxi-Gum - Extreme Hold Hair Styling Gum - 125ml

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Introducing the Vines Vintage Maxi-Gum - Extreme Hold Hair Styling Gum. Experience the ultimate formula for maximum hold, allowing you to achieve both extreme styles and a polished look. This 125ml gum is designed to provide fast setting and a subtle gloss that will hold firm throughout the day.

Enhanced with a zesty, invigorating scent, this long-lasting styling gum creates and shapes your hair effortlessly. Its high-quality ingredients ensure a strong hold with minimal effort.

For your convenience, here are the directions for use: simply work the desired amount of Maxi-Gum between your palms and lightly apply it to wet or dry hair. Create your desired style and enjoy long-lasting, professional-looking results.

Key Features:

  • Extreme hold - Maxi-Gum delivers a strong hold that survives the challenges of the day, keeping your hair in place.
  • Subtle gloss - The formula of Maxi-Gum adds a touch of shine to your hair without overpowering your style, giving it a polished finish.

Elevate your hair styling routine with Maxi-Gum. Blow dry your hair after applying the gum for a classic pompadour look with height and style that lasts.

Invest in the Vines Vintage Maxi-Gum today and achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home.