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Chroma Gel Polish Lock - Long-Lasting, Chip-free Gel Base

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Introducing the all-new Chroma Gel Polish Lock - the ultimate gel base designed for air dry nail polish. Say goodbye to the hassle of repainting your nails every day and hello to long-lasting, vibrant colors that stay put for up to 7-10 days!

With Polish Lock, you can finally achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home. Its innovative formula not only prevents your nail polish from chipping and fading, but also provides a thick body that hides any imperfections of your nails. Now you can flaunt flawless nails without a worry!

Applying Polish Lock is a breeze. Simply buff your nails and cleanse them with our Antiseptic Cleanser to remove any dust or oil. Then, apply a thin coat of Polish Lock directly to your nails, capping the free edge. Cure it under an LED lamp for 30 seconds or under a UV lamp for 2 minutes. Apply a second, thicker coat and cure again. Wipe off any sticky residue with our Gel Cleanser and you're ready to paint your nails with your favorite air dry nail polish.

Not only does Polish Lock keep your nail polish intact, but it also allows you to easily change your nail color between treatments using our acetone-free nail polish remover. No more fussing over stubborn polish!

Key Features:

  • Prevents nail polish from chipping and fading
  • Hides imperfections and gives nails a thick body

When it's time to remove your polish, simply use a regular nail polish remover. Lightly buff your nails to break the Polish Lock seal, then wrap and soak them in acetone for 10-15 minutes. Gently push the Polish Lock off your nails with wood sticks, ensuring your natural nails stay strong and healthy.

Size: 15ml

Elevate your manicure game with Chroma Gel Polish Lock. Order your bottle today and experience the long-lasting beauty of vibrant, chip-free nails!