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Chroma Gel 1 Step Pro Starter Kit - Complete Gel Polish Set with Cuticle Oil, Top Coat, Remover, and More

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The Chroma Gel 1 Step Pro Starter kit is the perfect solution for technicians who already use some sort of gel system and have a UV or LED lamp. This all-in-one starter kit has everything you need to start using Chroma Gel 1 Step without any extra cost. We've put this starter kit together at a reduced cost-saving price, so you can get started with Chroma Gel 1 Step easily and affordably.

The Chroma Gel 1 Step Pro Starter kit includes:

  • 1 x Cuticle Oil 15ml
  • 1 x No Wipe Top Coat
  • 1 x Soak off Remover 150ml
  • 1 x Antiseptic Spray 100ml
  • 1 x Buffer
  • 1 x File
  • 1 x Tru Blood 15ml
  • 1 x Cherry Drop Dream 15ml
  • 1 x Electric Balroom 15ml
  • 1 x Diamond Fever 15ml

With this kit, you'll have everything you need to create professional-quality, long-lasting manicures and pedicures with ease. Use the included cuticle oil to keep your nails healthy and moisturized, while the no-wipe top coat provides a high-shine, long-lasting finish. The soak off remover and antiseptic spray make removing the gel polish easy and hygienic. And with the buffer and file, you can easily shape and prep your nails before applying the polish.

To get the best out of your Chroma Gel products, we recommend using the Chroma Gel LED lamp. However, Chroma Gel 1 Step can be cured in a UV or LED lamp. To cure the gel polish, simply leave it under a UV lamp for 120 seconds or under an LED lamp for 60 seconds.