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APN Base Gel - Apply before any gel overlay product.

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Introducing APN Base Gel – the must-have product for achieving flawless gel overlay manicures. This high-quality clear base gel is designed to protect and strengthen the natural nail, ensuring long-lasting and beautiful results.

APN Base Gel is the first step in creating a strong foundation for any gel overlay product. It is specifically formulated for use on natural nails and can be applied after proper nail preparation. This innovative base gel helps to improve the integrity of weak natural nails, promoting optimal nail growth and length.

One of the key features of APN Base Gel is its quick and efficient curing time. With just 2 minutes in a 36-watt UV lamp, you can expect fast and reliable results. This means less waiting time and more time to enjoy your stunning nail enhancements.

Applying APN Base Gel is a breeze. After prepping the natural nail by removing all shine and oils, simply apply a bonder to the free edge. Then, paint 3 coats of base gel, curing each coat for 2 minutes. Once cured, wipe off any sticky residue with gel cleanser and proceed to polish as usual, or leave your nails beautifully natural.

When it's time for removal, wrap each nail in an acetone-soaked nail wipe and foil for 10 minutes. This easy and hassle-free process ensures a seamless transition.

Size: 15ml

  • Type: Clear base gel
  • Application: Natural nails only

With APN Base Gel, achieving the perfect gel overlay manicure has never been easier. Invest in this essential nail care product and experience the difference in the strength and longevity of your nails. Take your manicures to the next level with APN Base Gel.