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What are the most stylish beard shapes you can create with clippers?

One of the most useful and versatile pieces of kit for cutting hair are clippers. Whether it is corded or cordless clippers, they deliver precise styling and are easy to use. They also allow you to get a really clean, neat finish to any cut. But did you know that clippers can also be used for men's beard grooming too? While you could buy a dedicated beard trimmer, there really is no need to spend the extra cash if you have some clippers already. Beards are still a popular choice with lots of men and many will want to have their beard trimmed into the coolest styles around. But what are the most eye-catching looks that clippers can help you achieve?

Classic look

While you see a lot of men who rock wild, untamed beards, not everyone fancies this totally natural style. It can be true though that these men still want to have a full beard with plenty of impact. In this case, you could use clippers to create a classic style. This sees it trimmed back a little to avoid being too untamed but still gives good facial hair coverage. The key is to not cut the beard back too closely and to get it looking the same length all over.


The goatee beard is nothing new but still remains a popular style. Any type of beard which comprises hair above the lip and on the chin is classed as a goatee usually. This is a pretty easy style to achieve with clippers and is simple to get looking awesome. It is also easy to maintain and should only need a quick tidy up with clippers as required. It is particularly good for slim or angular faces because it helps to frame the mouth. It can also help rounder faces appear slimmer.


This style is not something you see every day and so is great for those who like to truly stand out. It basically involves trimming the beard but keeping the moustache part on the top lip longer than the rest. This is a great style to achieve with clippers as there are no complex techniques to handle. Clippers also give you the precision and choice of trim lengths to get the right look. A very masculine style, it is ideal for men with strong jawlines.

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Image by Renee_Olmsted_Photography via Pixabay

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