Top 5 weather-proof hair styles -

Top 5 weather-proof hair styles

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable. All it takes is an unexpected few drops of rain to mess up the hair you spent ages styling. Luckily we have you covered with some great style choices that will stand up and keep hold no matter what mad climate gets thrown your way:

1. The windswept look

If it looks like the weather may be windy then why not make it look windswept at home? That way you'll take back control of your style. Plus you won't have to keep looking at yourself in the mirror for fear of any hair that's been loosened by the weather. Sweeping your hair into a side parting is a great style look. Add some shimmer with APH Olive Oil Sheen Spray. 

2. Low ponytail

This is a great style for hard-working women who need to keep maximum control of their hair. With the hair tied down, you can risk getting rained on during your morning commute without having to fear about fixing messy hair when you get into work. Washing your hair with Goldiloxs shampoo then blow drying is a great way to prep this style. Then it's just a matter of brushing and tying the hair back. Quick and easy!

3. Boxer braids

This look is not only an ideal method of maintaining hair shape during unpredictable weather, it's also one of the most popular trends of 2018. This sporty look has been popularised by Kim Kardashian West and Amanda Seyfried. Using Aphrodite hair dryers to first blow-dry your strands so that they're sleek and frizz-free is the best way to prep the hair. Then it's all a matter of braiding. 

4. Slick roots

If you know your hair is going to get wet anyway then why not give it a slick style of your own! Use Aphrodite Olive Oil to give your roots a gorgeous wet look.

5. High bun

If you're worried about wind and rain affecting the shape of your hair then this is the safe route to go. By tying your hair in place you're limiting its movement. This is the best style if you want ultimate peace of mind.

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