Three ways to prevent split ends -

Three ways to prevent split ends

From blow-drying and straightening to curling and colouring, we all put our hair through a lot! The ends of our hair are the weakest part and can be at risk of losing their protective layer, resulting in split ends. Sadly, once split ends appear, they can’t be fixed and the best thing to do is get them cut off. One of the best ways to protect your hair from split ends is to maintain regular trims, but when it isn’t possible to get to a hairdresser, make sure you follow our top tips to keep those ends healthy and strong.

Gently does it

Washing and drying your hair can feel like a chore, but trying to speed things up can cause real damage to your hair! Avoid aggressively rubbing your hair dry with your towel and instead, gently squeeze out the excess moisture with your towel and allow some time for your hair to dry naturally before using a hairdryer.

Hair can get tangled after washing, but never, ever brush it through with a hairbrush, as you could cause breakages. Instead, use a large-tooth detangling comb and start from the bottom up to avoid pulling and damaging your hair.

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Do you really need your hair styling tools to be set to the highest setting? Next time you curl or straighten your hair, turn down the heat setting and use a good hairspray afterwards to help your style hold instead. If you currently use heated appliances on your hair daily, try to at least alternate the usage, or give your hair a couple of days a week to air dry and be styled without using hair dryers, straighteners or curling wands. You’ll begin to notice your ends will be much less dry as a result!

Deep treat

Treat your hair to a weekly hair mask to help boost moisture and prevent dry, brittle ends. Let a mask soak in for at least 20 minutes (or even overnight!) Making this a regular part of your hair care routine will reduce frizz, make your hair softer, shinier and less prone to splitting.


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