The benefits of gel polish and why every woman should own it -

The benefits of gel polish and why every woman should own it

With so many different nail treatments to choose from it can be difficult to know just what product is best to use. Chroma gel polish is one such treatment and we love it! Below we explore the many benefits of using Chroma gel polish.

Long lasting

The biggest benefit when using gel nail polish is that it lasts much longer than regular nail polish. In fact, gel polish can last up to four weeks. It will not easily chip, break, or peel. Chroma gel really is heavy-duty polish for your nails. There will also be no annoying smudges as the polish is cured under a UV light which makes the polish instantly hard.

Gives your nails added protection

If your nails are particularly weak, or prone to splitting easily, then Chroma gel can help to strengthen and protect them. Our nails take a fair old battering during our daily routines, and gel polish helps to protect them. Once applied, Chroma gel polish acts as a natural barrier against dirt and pollutants.

Dries very quickly

When using regular acrylic polish the drying process can take up to an hour for the nail to fully dry. Non-acrylic polish takes even longer. These types of nail polish are more prone to smudges and chips because of the longer drying process. Chroma gel dries in just sixty seconds, freeing up the time to get on with your day. No more wasted hours wafting our hands about to dry those nails!

Experiment with colour and design

Chroma gel polish is incredibly versatile, allowing you to experiment with colour and design ideas. This is because gel polish is much easier to apply than regular polish. It is much easier to apply layers to create your design, as each layer can be cured, so is fully dry, before applying the next layer. You can use bold and bright colours, metallic, and truly express your personality.

Look and feel like natural nails

One final benefit of embracing gel nails is that they look and feel just like natural nails. This is because the gel polish is applied in thin layers, allowing the nail to easily bend and to be flexible! This is in direct contrast to acrylic nails that are rigid. Another good piece of news is that there is no odour!

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