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5 ways to take your look from the office to the dance floor

Got a hot date after work? Hitting the town with your friends straight from the office? Unless you have your own personal glam squad on hand, it might seem tricky to make it to the end of the day without looking a little frayed around the edges. Luckily, we’re here to help…

Be prepared

Hair that’s happy and healthy is less likely to be a ball of frizz come 5pm, so make sure your haircare routine is working for you – our APH Steaming Conditioner, for example, contains olive oil to help restore elasticity and nourish damaged hair. Use it weekly to beat bad hair days before they’ve even started (and pamper yourself while you're at it).

Bat those lashes

Nothing takes a look from day to night like adding a pair of lengthening false lashes – try our Professional Lash Strips 107 for a dramatic look that only takes a few seconds to apply!

Use the right tools

If you’re struggling for time before a big night out, you need a haircare tool that’s effective and easy to use. That’s where our Aphrodite Ultra Hot curling tong comes in – its quick-heating technology will add beautiful curls that has your hair looking luscious in minutes.

Or add some volume

Need a little extra volume? American Pride synthetic clip-in hair extensions, in a range of colours to suit your natural hair, are a quick way to give you Rapunzel-style locks without the hassle. Just clip them in and marvel at your flowing, selfie-ready look.

Nail that look

No look is complete without the perfect manicure, but how do you stop the dreaded chips appearing? Chroma Gel polish is the world’s most advanced gel nail polish, giving you up to 21 days of chip-free nails in a range of eye-catching colours – so you never need to worry whether your nails are on point before you head out for the evening!

It really is that easy! With just a little preparation (and the right tools for the job), you can transform your everyday look into a red carpet-worthy glow in under half an hour – who needs a glam squad anyway?

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