Men’s grooming gifts are not just for Father’s Day, but he’ll thank you for it all year long! -

Men’s grooming gifts are not just for Father’s Day, but he’ll thank you for it all year long!

Father’s Day is approaching, that June Sunday when dads around the country delight in receiving yet another tie or pair of novelty socks. Is it not time to get the man in your life something that he’ll really want?

As grooming is a part of every man’s daily routine, why not get him a gift that will prove useful all year long?

Hair styling, cutting and trimming kits make a great present as do high-quality shaving products, hair waxes and pomades.

Beards have been ‘in’ for a few years now and that trend shows little sign of abating. More and more men are visiting salons not only for a haircut and style but also for a beard trim and pamper.

A decent quality beard trimmer is now a must for many men who have opted not to shave with a razor every day. A good trimmer should be easy to use, precise and versatile. Pick one that’s rechargeable and cordless and remind the man in your life to clean it and store it properly after use. The device also needs to be oiled up once in a while to prevent wear and rust. One with a stainless steel or ceramic blade will be sharp and accurate and master daily use.

The current trend for closely clipped back and sides is something of a design classic but keeping hair short shorn can be a challenge for busy men, so a set of good quality clippers is a must-have for chaps.

Hair trimmers nowadays come with quiet, powerful motors and cordless variants are now equally adept as their corded cousins. Portable devices can now last for around 2.5 hours making them flexible and adept for busy environments and can be plugged in and used from the mains as required.

Bacterial growth can limit the life of clippers and trimmers so they’ll need treating with a good Barbercide spray  to disinfect as well as clean, lubricate and cool your product to extend its life. And, remember to add a selection of hair and beard products to accompany your gift to the man you love.

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