How to use a hair straightening brush -

How to use a hair straightening brush

Hair dryers, hair steamers, hair straighteners; keeping your hair smooth and tidy often needs many products and, most annoyingly, a relevant time investment. There is a solution to this: a hair straightening brush straightens you hair incredibly quickly, simply by brushing it. Like all innovative ideas, it has a beautiful story.

It is a real alternative to traditional hair straighteners (though they too have their role, depending on what you need!). They make hair straightening an easy and practical process. The idea comes from the "desperate" need of a girl who got an awful haircut, and did not know how to fix her hair before going to school. She thought: "I wish I had a brush that could straighten my hair in five minutes!", and asked her engineer father to build it for her. And he created it.

What's a hair straightening brush made of, exactly?

It is made of ceramic, with small 3D bristles that get warmed up everywhere but on the tips. The bristles end with a black tip which stays cold, so you can use it without burning your scalp!

How to use a hair straightening brush

Wash and dry your hair with a hair dryer. Don't put any spray on it that could make it harder for the brush to run through your hair smoothly. Brush your hair with an ordinary brush so you don't get struck on any big knots. If your hair is dry, avoid heat damage by using masks full of nutrients, and make your hair more sleek and shiny by adding some oils after having eliminated excessive water. Brush your hair slowly, stopping for a bit in the areas where your hair is curliest. You can use it as if you were using a normal brush, or by passing it from the internal side of your hair. For optimal results, divide your hair into sections.

What kind of hair is a hair straightening brush for?

It can be used on all kinds of hair, but it works best on wavy hair. If your hair is very curly, our Aphrodite Hair Straighteners series also has ultra hot hair straighteners which will work perfectly for you! The straightening hair brush doesn't do any damage to the hair, since the temperature is constant at 180 degrees, and it is covered in ceramic, which is a substance that distributes heat with less impact.

How long does it take?

Every busy woman has to rush off to a number of responsibilities in the morning, and hair should never get in the way of that. This is why the Aphrodite hair straightening brush only takes five to ten minutes to do its job.

An extra piece of advice

For some graceful curls on the tips of you hair, you can turn the brush on itself as you run it through your locks. It will give you a cool, vintage Hollywood glamour.

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