How to curl your hair with straighteners -

How to curl your hair with straighteners

Hair straighteners are amazing when it comes to getting that sleek, smooth and frizz-free finished look, but have you ever considered using them to curl your hair? Hair straighteners help you to get the blow-dried, bouncy look without having to step foot into the salon.

Using straighteners as a curling wand is a trick that many professional stylists have used for years, this is down to the fact that many of them tend to find it a lot easier. A straightening iron also makes the curls/waves look much more natural.

It may take a few attempts to get the hang of it but, once you do, you won’t go back to using a regular curling wand!

How to curl your hair using straighteners

Start off by prepping with a shampoo and conditioner that are right for your particular hair type - the hair won’t hold very well if it is dirty.

Once you have clean hair, ensure you dry it thoroughly as wet hair doesn’t curl.

Apply your chosen heat protectant and comb through your hair - you don’t want to add any unnecessary heat damage.

Select a small section of hair, it should typically be smaller than two inches for ringlets and larger than two inches for big, bouncy curls. Once you have your section, gently clamp down the straightener, do this near the top of the hair. Pull the straightener down the hair shaft slightly, just like you would if you were straightening it. Do this until you get to the point where you would like the curl to begin.

Instead of carrying on straightening down the hair shaft, you will need to pivot the straightener away from your face at a 180-degree angle, this is what creates the curl. Proceed to pull the straightener down the rest of the section until you reach the bottom of the hair. Repeat this process for every section until it is thoroughly curled. Try alternating curls in different directions for a natural look.

You may want to finish off by carefully brushing out the curls, this helps make them look more like natural beach waves. Experiment and have some fun with it! Don’t forget to finish off with some hair spray to hold the curls!

Image by 1871454 via Pixabay

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