Gel nail polish or regular polish? -

Gel nail polish or regular polish?

 What to tell your clients Having our nails painted is such a joy and luxury for many women. With so many colours and nail art designs to choose from there has never been a better time for women to visit your nail salon. If you are a salon that offers gel nail polish as an option, alongside regular nail polish, then what do you tell your clients? Below we explore gel nail polish versus regular polish and what your clients need to know.

The lowdown on regular polish

Many women opt for regular nail polish because it is all they know, having used it since their teenage years. It is quick and easy to apply, and when they visit the nail salon they obviously have a professional doing the job for them too, which often includes a hand massage, base coat and top coat, making it an even more pleasurable experience. So, when they visit you for a regular manicure you might need to explain to them the benefits of gel nail polish over regular polish if you want to convert them to gel polish manicures.

The benefits of gel nail polish

So, here is what you need to tell your clients:

Costs more but lasts longer

Gel nail polish does cost more than regular polish, but it is worth this extra money as it lasts much longer than regular polish, which can easily chip and flake of, even when it has been done by a professional. As well as increased longevity, gel polish can deliver a shinier, more reflective finish.

The drying process is different

The gel polish is applied in just the same way as regular polish, but then a UV light is used to cure or set the polish. Many women think that this can damage their nails, so you need to reassure them that this is perfectly safe, especially as a protective base coat is applied before adding the gel polish.

Layer of protection

If nails are particularly short or brittle, then adding gel nail polish can actually help to make them stronger and grow faster. This is because the gel polish adds a layer of protection. Here at Chroma Gel, we have a wide range of gel nail polish colours for you to choose from.

Please do browse the website to view our full range, including accessories and gel nail polish tools. Any questions just get in touch.

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