Can ultraviolet light kill Viruses including Coronavirus? -

Can ultraviolet light kill Viruses including Coronavirus?

UVC is used by the medical industry to sterilise instruments. This type of Far Ultraviolet Light kills bacteria and viruses by destroying its DNA. The light can penetrate the cell wall of the virus damaging and destroying its DNA. As human cells are much thicker and larger UCV light has no damaging effects on humans.

UV light is essential in sterilizing tools in the hair and beauty industry too and many salons use sterilisers to clean and disinfect their instruments and tools.

As Flu and Coronavirus can be deadly using such sterilizers in your salon is essential to make your equipment clean but also make your customers feel confident that you have their best interest at hand.

Making sure sure your clients see you and your team wash your hands often, this will keep their confidence in you and your team. 


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