Get the natural, no make-up look. -

Get the natural, no make-up look.


Ironically, the trendiest fashion in the make-up and beauty world is the ‘no make-up look’. Everyone is doing it, even Kendall Jenner.

To find out how you can get 2015’s hottest make-up trend, follow this guide.

Perfect your skin

First things first, you need to fully cleanse your skin. You are not going to be looking at all natural unless you take all of that make up off. It might even be worth having a quick exfoliating wash.

After that you then need to moisturise the face to ensure that it is smooth and supple. Ideally, you would use a tinted lotion to add a bit of natural colour.

Naturally conceal those blemishes 

Using just a small amount of concealer is a great way to create a cleaner look. You can minimise any rogue spots or blemishes. 

However, you need to ensure that you don’t use too much, otherwise you could ruin the whole look.

Rosy cheeks

Use flushes of warm peach or pink blusher to give your face a bit of colour. Avoid cooler colours such as a more vibrant pink, these have a tendency to give your face that ‘made up’ look.

Define those eyes!

Tip: make sure to apply your makeup in the brightest light. This is a subtle look and requires a lot of attention.

By using a brown eyeshadow, you can show off your natural contours and shape but also avoid creating that shadow effect.

Make sure you blend the eyeshadow as to ensure that there are no hard edges which make for a more unnatural look.


If you still feel that your eyes need more work, then it might be a bright idea to add some more definition with some eye-pencil. Lightly dot a pencil between the top lashes (this is a great tip if you are going out in the evening).

Give your lips more volume

For reasons that shouldn’t need to be explained you should choose a shade that matches your lips natural colour. A good tip is to apply the lipstick with your fingertips instead of the tube and then spread it around your lips.

Don’t lash it on

Even if you are trying to look as natural as possible, it is still essential that you use a bit of mascara. Apply two coats to the top lashes but make sure that you don’t spread it too liberally otherwise you will ruin the whole effect! If you want, you can even add a little to the bottom.


We hope that this guide has shown you how to achieve a natural look. If you have any more queries or suggestions please contact us on our Facebook page

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